I spent five months in my second semester at Academia Belle Arti in Bologna. The experience was one of the most memorable of the three years of my degree course.

I had the chance not only to attend different creative classes, but to live abroad in one of the most popular and beautiful student cities in Italy. Having classes in Italian was definitely challenging, however all the professors were very helpful and they helped me excel through the course.

Through my time in Bologna my Italian improved significantly. I became confident in my ability to speak the language and could communicate easily with the locals.

I made Italian friends and learned a lot more about the culture. Being in Italy allowed my to travel around and explore the beautiful country. I took the opportunity to organise a few trips to other regions of Italy where I learned about the cultural differences within the country itself.

I am very happy I made this decision to spend my semester abroad with Erasmus in Bologna and I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone.