Agnese Grundmane - Ljubljana, Slovenia

"Spending a semester in a different country was a great decision and if given the opportunity, I would gladly take part again. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone!"

Danielle Armstrong - Ljubljana, Slovenia

"My advice for students visiting Ljubljana would definitely be to embrace everything, soak up the experience and make the most of your time in this fantastic city."

Fern Sripungwiwat - Bologna, Italy

"I had the chance not only to attend different creative classes, but to live abroad in one of the most popular and beautiful student cities in Italy."

Rae O’Mara - Barcelona, Spain

"I feel so grateful to have been given this opportunity and lucky to have taken part in such a brilliant scheme."

Shaun Wane - Breda, Netherlands

"My trip inspired me in life, which then inspired my art."

Will Heldt - Hung Hom, Hong Kong

"The Hong Kong exchange programme stands as one of the greatest experiences I can recall."