Katie Holmes


Extended Diploma in Creative Practice - Course Leader

Katie is one of the Directors of Further Education and holds the position of Course Leader for the Extended Diploma in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University. Katie shares responsibility for overseeing and coordinating further education at the university. Katie is an experienced educator, she holds a PGCE and has gained well over 15 years’ experience working across a number of courses within the creative arts. Katie is particularly interested in championing the transformative role of creative education and has been actively engaged in promoting sustainability in creative education with a focus on the role of manifestos and their value as a tool for social change.

Prior to her career in education, Katie trained as a graphic designer obtaining a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design and began her career working predominantly in branding with start-up businesses. In Katie’s personal work she enjoys bookmaking, printmaking and typography. Katie has recently been exploring methods to capture or record human experiences through collaborative experimental writing and mark-making. Her work in this area seeks to enhance our understanding of the self, collective activities, topography and how these marks can communicate this experience to broader audiences.

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