Grace Holliday


BA (Hons) Creative Writing - Senior Lecturer

Grace Holliday is senior lecturer for the BA (Hons) Creative Writing. She is an award-winning freelance journalist, with a background in media literacy and travel writing.

She joins Leeds Arts University from Leeds College and York St John University where she taught on their respective Journalism courses. She worked as a volunteer English and Creative Writing tutor for five years for underserves GCSE students in Leeds.

As a journalist for a wide range of newspapers and magazine, predominantly the Guardian, iNews, and Glamour, Grace specialises in social and political issues and explorations of identity, particularly gender, race, relationships and health.

She writes the weekly Smart Shot column for the Guardian’s Saturday magazine. Her essay ‘The Uncool Girl’s Manifesto’ was published by Walker Books in I Will Not Be Erased, the first book from Gal-dem. As a travel writer she has covered stories across the globe, including Rio’s trans carnival queens and the world’s first semi-submerged museum in the Maldives.

She holds a Journalism MA and NCTJ Gold Standard Diploma from The University of Sheffield, as the recipient of the Guardian’s prestigious Scott Trust Bursary, and a 1st Class Creative Writing BA from Royal Holloway, University of London, where she spent an additional year studying abroad at Washington College, Maryland, USA.

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