Alec Chalmers


BA (Hons) Games Design - Course Leader

Alec Chalmers currently holds the position of Course Leader for the BA (Hons) Games Art and BA (Hons) Games Design courses at Leeds Arts University. Alec's educational background encompasses an extensive teaching portfolio, spanning various courses within the realm of Concept Art at various institutions including Leeds Arts University and Teesside University.

Alec is actively dedicated to advancing pedagogical practices within the higher education sector, specifically in the context of the games industry, through involvement and ongoing engagement with various programmes across the country, specifically at all three levels of FE, HE and PG.

In terms of professional accomplishments, Alec has contributed to numerous releases within the gaming industry, such as projects including the award-winning Sniper Elite franchise, a game with Blue Sky Studios 'Ice Age' IP, and an upcoming unannounced production by Infuse Studios. Serving primarily as an Environment Artist within the game industry, Alec has also distinguished himself as a proficient Concept Artist. His fascination lies in the interplay and convergence of methodologies between the roles of the Production Artist and the Concept Artist. Central to his academic inquiries are explorations into architectural and environmental aspects, particularly their manifestation and interpretation within the medium of video games.


Sniper Elite VR (2021). PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Meta Quest. Just Add Water Developments Ltd/Rebellion Developments. Leeds, UK

Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure (2021). Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia, Xbox One. Just Add Water Developments Ltd/Climax Studios. Leeds, UK

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