University Chancellor Skin awards annual scholarships

18 October 2022

The second year of Skin’s Chancellor Scholarships have been awarded to three students who commenced their undergraduate studies at Leeds Arts University in 2022/23.

These scholarships, developed with the University’s Chancellor Skin, aim to support the general living and maintenance costs of students during their time at university to enable them to progress through their studies.

The scholarships have been awarded to two home students: Leah Tassi, a BA (Hons) Textile Design undergraduate and Tomisi Loussala, BA (Hons) Fine Art student. One international scholarship was awarded to Tafsia Muzib Dana, a BA (Hons) Fine Art student from Bangladesh.

The three students were delighted to receive news of the scholarships. Tomisi told us “It means so much to me, it’s solidified my aspirations and encouraged me to further pursue art.”

Image: Tomisi Loussala, BA (Hons) Fine Art

Leah Tassi who started her Textile Design degree this year said: “I am delighted to accept the scholarship. This is going to be a massive help and I am extremely grateful.”

Image: Development from photographs, found images and print work. Leah Tassi, BA (Hons) Textile Design

International Fine Art student Tafsia Dana commented: “I am elated to receive the Skin's Chancellor scholarship. The scholarship has encouraged me to solely focus on my endeavours by easing my financial burden. It allows me to engage myself in experimenting with different techniques and materials and gain new skills. I am thankful to LAU for providing such wonderful opportunities for international students like me.”

Image: Tafsia Muzib Dana, BA (Hons) Fine Art

The three students will be awarded cash scholarship of £3,000 per year for the three years of their undergraduate studies.

Skin, Chancellor at Leeds Arts University said:

“I’m delighted to once again be a part of this opportunity for students at Leeds Arts. The standard of the applications was really impressive, and the quality of the submissions shows a real passion and a drive in this new cohort of students. I’m thrilled to support these students with scholarships which I’m sure will make a really difference to their time at university.”