We caught up with BA (Hons) Fine Art student Rozali about studying in the UK, what inspires her work and her plans after graduation...  

Where are you from?

Lebanon, Beirut

Why did you choose to study at Leeds Arts University?

Because it focuses on the practical side more than the theoretical side of it all, I wanted to have the opportunity of focusing on the visual than academic before I go for my MA

What are the advantages of studying at a specialist arts institution?

It gives you an opportunity to take advantage of just experimenting and testing out different types of art that suites you, the professors give you the opening of finding your practice and what makes you as an artist.

There are important differences in the way art and design is taught in the UK compared to other countries. What have you noticed regarding the learning experience at Leeds Arts University?

It is more British focused on the way art is taught here, there isn’t an open understanding in different types of art from around the world, except a few slides given in critical studies.

How have you adjusted to life in the UK and what advice would you give a new international student?

It will be tough in the beginning to make friends but put yourself out there, you won’t make friends if you don’t speak to people around the University or in your course.  Also, things aren’t easy around you, you have to embrace being independent and not be dependent on others as much, cause in the end, you only have yourself to support.

What are the studios and facilities like at the University?

Studios are small and some are big, depends on your course, for Fine Art, the studio spaces are shared and some of us were given small places to work with. While in other courses, you get plenty more space and a nice work space. The library is an amazing facility, amazing resource of different art books and you can order them through the university without paying for the expensive books that you might use once. The facility for art materials is good and manageable but make sure you keep track with your money else you will not have much money left for food. You adapt to it all and you feel comfortable with the professors and the staff.

Do you feel that studying at Leeds Arts University is preparing you well for life after graduation?

I’m kind of in the middle with that, not really sure. I don’t like thinking about the life after graduation, since I can’t really control what happens. But LCA is helping me understand where I am as an artist and figure out what I want.

Tell us what you like about living in Leeds

Great base for students that are new to the country and it is safe enough for students. It is more of a student area when you come here to study, everything is perfect walking distance if you live around the city centre and the universities. Friendly people that can help you if you are lost, and there are students going through the same thing as you so you aren’t alone.