We guarantee accommodation for all international students who firmly accept their study place and complete the accommodation booking form before 1st July. 

For more information on what types of accommodation we have available, please visit our 'Accommodation' page. 

Accommodation allocation 

Once you have accepted your offer, you will receive information regarding booking your accommodation via an email headed ‘Your offer at Leeds Arts University’. Please follow the link to book accommodation.

A deposit will be required by the accommodation provider to confirm your booking.

If your visa application is unsuccessful please be aware that the deposit may not be refundable, this is at the discretion of the accommodation provider.

If you would like to consider alternative accommodation options, for example, a shared house, please see here for more information.

As an international student, you may require a little extra help. Our International Office and Student Welfare Team offer information, advice, support and guidance on a variety of issues, including:

  • Immigration procedures
  • Travelling to the UK
  • Accommodation in Leeds
  • Financial matters
  • Police registration
  • Health and insurance
  • Working in the UK

Please also look at the link to the UK Visas and Immigration website which gives in-depth information on making your visa application. When you have accepted your offer of a place for study, we will be in touch to advise and assist you with this process.

How we can help

Our Student Welfare Team will provide you with a 'welcome pack' which contains information about setting up a bank account, what to do if you are ill, working in the UK, and much more. You might also want to access the UKCISA UK Council for International Student Affairs website which provides useful advice for international students.

Tips & Guidance

Getting to know people

Throughout the year we hold events for international students, and of course, you will make your own friends through your course. If, at any point during your time with us, you have any problems (whether they are related to your studies, career or personal life) our Student Welfare Team can offer support and guidance.

What might be different?

At Leeds Arts University you may be surprised by the informality. In this relaxed atmosphere, members of staff enjoy being approached by students and participating in conversation, whether or not it is directly related to academic work.

Attitudes towards work may be different from those you are used to. Some international students are accustomed to greater and more specific direction in their working day - perhaps with a greater emphasis on skills and knowledge than on thinking and problem-solving. In the UK, after the tutors have presented the subject or the brief, the students are often left to conduct deeper research and study on their own, using the written brief and reading lists. It may take you a little while to adjust, but you’ll soon get used to it – and the tutors are there to help.

Creating Confidence

This guide is designed to help international students prepare for their stay in the UK - Creating Confidence

Arriving in the UK

Read the UK Border Force's top ten tips for students arriving in the UK.

Prepare for success

Prepare for Success is an interactive web learning tool for international students coming to the UK to study. It contains learning resources to help you find out about academic life in the UK, the skills needed for effective study and improving your English language ability.


Your induction programme

You’ll be welcomed by the Vice-Chancellor and you’ll meet your tutors and other students on your course. You’ll meet the International Office and your English-language tutor, and you’ll be shown the libraries and computer suites.

Your welcome programme

The International Office organises a welcome programme which will provide you with important information about living and studying in Leeds, helps you to meet key members of staff, and gives you the opportunity to meet other students here.

Usually during your induction period, a tour of Leeds will be organised for you. This includes the main sights in the city centre: the art galleries and museums, the main shopping areas (including Leeds' long-established markets), and where many of the banks are. 

Our welcome buffet gives you the opportunity to meet some of the staff at the University and helps to make you aware of the opportunities of being a student in Leeds. It is also a great time for you to meet other overseas students who are new to the University, and also those who are in their second and third years.

Language support

All international students are offered English language support, which is included in your tuition fees. A qualified tutor will support you with written assignments, tuition in English language, and preparation for the IELTS examination.

Rob Hutchinson
English Language Tutor

Events throughout the year

The International Office usually organises events throughout the year including orientation events, a celebration event at Christmas, plus day trips to local places of interest!