We understand that there’s a lot to take on board when it comes to student finance. Leeds Arts University will do everything we can to help you understand how you can finance your studies through loans.

We have provided some useful information below, however if you have any further queries please contact us at studentfinance@leeds-art.ac.uk.

Information for Home Students

Home Students

You will not need to pay for your tuition fees in advance, providing you are eligible for a tuition loan from the Student Loans Company. This loan can usually cover the full amount of your tuition fees, which are paid directly to the University each year.

You can apply for a tuition fee loan regardless of the level of your household income. You will need to repay the loan, but not until after you graduate and are earning over a certain amount each year. You should apply for student finance as early as possible – you do not need to wait for a confirmed place.

Eligible full-time students can also get help from the SLC to cover living costs, in the form of a maintenance loan (which you will also have to pay back). The SLC will assess your household income and tell you how much financial help you can expect to receive towards your living costs.

If you have studied an undergraduate degree before please visit the student finance website: www.gov.uk/student-finance/who-qualifies

Students must register at the University to get their first student finance payment. The Student Finance England film below explains what steps you need to take to get your money in time for the start of your course. The Student Finance Zone also has some tips on how students can make sure they get their money in time for the start of their course.

Skin's Chancellor Scholarships

The University is delighted to offer three Skin's Chancellor Scholarships for undergraduate students commencing their studies in 2023/24. A cash scholarship of £3,000 per year for three years will be awarded to two home students and one international student. Click here for more information.

Creative Practice Support Bursary

In 2023 the University will provide a cash bursary for new entrants whose family income is below £25,000 per annum and are therefore in receipt of the maximum student maintenance loan. This cash bursary will be £250 in the first year, £350 in the second year and £500 in the third year.

Eligibility for the Creative Practice Support Bursary will be based on the information submitted to the Student Loan Company each year. Eligible students will receive confirmation and payment details in the second term.

Internally Progressing Students

In November 2023 a one-off cash award of £500 payable (only in the first year) is available to students who progress directly from one of the University’s further education courses to one of the University’s undergraduate courses.

There is no application process for this award. Eligibility will be based on reports of those students who have enrolled and previous study. Payments will be made based on a student's attendance in the first semester.

Support for Costs of Materials

We provide all students with financial support for materials in each year of study. This is two payments of £55 in the first two years and an additional £75 in the third year.

For advice and guidance about student funding or finance please contact Student Welfare on 0113 202 8111.

Higher Education Hardship Fund

Once you have started your course and paid your fees, you may be eligible to apply for financial help from the Hardship Fund. This fund cannot be used for tuition fees. For more information about this fund please contact Student Finance at studentfinance@leeds-art.ac.uk.

Care Leavers Bursary

A bursary of £3,000 per year is available to undergraduate students who are assessed as a care leaver, using the criteria provided by Student Finance England. The bursary will be paid in three instalments of £1,000 at the start of each term.

Eligibility for the Care Leavers Bursary will be based on the information submitted to the Student Finance England each year. Eligible students will receive confirmation of eligibility and payment dates.

Estranged Students Bursary

A bursary of £3000 is available to students estranged from their family as per SFE criteria. £1000 will be paid each term.

Eligibility is assessed by the Student Loan Company as part of the assessment for your maintenance loan award. Students will be required to submit an application form with supporting evidence from the Student Loan Company.

Disabled Students’ Allowances

You can apply for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) to cover some of the extra costs you may have because of a specific learning difficulty, mental health difference, long term illness or any other disability.

They can fund extra support a student might need while at University, provided they live in England and have a disability that affects their ability to study.

Full information about DSA and eligibility to apply is available on the government website at www.gov.uk/disabled-students-allowances-dsas/eligibility.

General information www.gov.uk/student-finance

UK Council for International Student Affairs www.ukcisa.org.uk

International students www.leeds-art.ac.uk/international

International student budget calculator https://study-uk.britishcouncil.org/moving-uk/money-budgeting 

Information for International Students

International & EU Students

EU Students starting their course from the 2022/23 academic year will now be classed as international students and will no longer be eligible for financial support from the Student Loans Company. Please refer to the International Fees & Scholarships page for the relevant information on tuition fees.

If you are an International or EU student and want to study at Leeds Arts University, your application will be very welcome. You can find out all about your tuition costs and how they should be funded on our International Fees & Scholarships page.

Skin's Chancellor Scholarship

The University is delighted to offer a Skin's Chancellor Scholarship for an international undergraduate student commencing their studies in 2022/23. A cash scholarship of £3,000 per year for three years will be awarded to one international student. Click here for more information.

International Progression Award

International (students from outside the UK) fee-paying students directly progressing from a Leeds Arts University further education course to a Leeds Arts University undergraduate course, or from a Leeds Arts University undergraduate course to a Leeds Arts University postgraduate course will qualify for a tuition fee reduction of £1,750 per year of study.

No application is necessary - the International Progression Award is awarded automatically.

Students in receipt of the International Progression Award can also apply for the Vice-Chancellor's International Undergraduate Scholarship and the Skin Chancellor's Scholarship but students successful in their application for a scholarship will not also be eligible for the International Progression Award in the same academic year.

Vice-Chancellor’s International Undergraduate Scholarship

Six £2,000 scholarships are available as a tuition fee discount for the first year of study for students entering the first year of a three year degree. Please visit our International Fees & Scholarships page for more information.  

General information www.gov.uk/student-finance

UK Council for International Student Affairs www.ukcisa.org.uk

International students www.leeds-art.ac.uk/international