Expanding Communities of Sustainable Practice Symposiums

Leeds Arts University Sustainability Symposiums focus on sustainable practice within art and design as well as the importance of collaboration and networks in creating art and design practices that contribute to the four pillars of sustainability; environmental, social, economic and cultural.

The events seek to make connections between thinkers, practitioners, educators and students in order to develop and expand those communities who value sustainability.

Through the Symposium we are especially interested in expanding the notions of sustainability within art and design education and on how they contribute to engaging the public in sustainable and progressively transformative practices.

We recognise that sustainability is also about meshing together and intersecting practice and theory, and the symposium spans from theoretical to practical engagements with sustainability – always with a focus on making the event productive in terms of building alliances, projects and shared commitments between the people attending.

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Sustainability Symposium 2018 Proceedings

Sustainability Symposium 2016 Proceedings