Student Union President, Ada Palmer-Jones, interviewed BA (Hons) Fashion Photography student, Jordan Lambert, for the SU Student Spotlight. Find out more about Jordan, his practice and his time living in Leeds...

What do you want people to know about your practice?

Within my practice I mainly focus on identity and race. I want people’s perspective on the subjects I address through my work to maybe be changed and/or challenged.

Where is your happy place/place for inspiration?

For me, I don’t have specific place, I have a specific time or memory which usually occurs when I’m listening to music, particularly slow R ‘n’ B, which emulates how I’m feeling at those specific times. That is when I’m happiest. I also feel it is important to surround yourself with people that love and want the best for you. 

Is it important for your practice to have a meaning/message?

As a creative I think it’s incredibly important as I feel that’s how I get across my opinions and views when words cannot describe them. 

Image: Courtesy of Jordan Lambert

What book do you recommend most to others?

Personally, I prefer magazines and zines because that’s more of a medium that I envision my work in, and so I look to that format for inspiration. The magazines I look at are Brick, Notion and i-D

In terms of your creative journey, which lesson has been hardest to learn?

In terms of my academic journey along with my practice, I have to come understand that at times words are necessary to articulate your art form. I have learnt to overcome my struggle with writing and learn how to write what my art may mean or be about, as previously I have usually assumed that my art will speak for itself.

Who inspires you?

The person who inspires me the most is my Mum. She recently passed away but she will always be the drive behind my passion. She taught me to always do the thing that I love and I will carry that throughout the rest of my life.

Image: Courtesy of Jordan Lambert

What artist do you want to tell people about?

An important artist that I feel greatly inspires practice is the stylist Ibrahim Kamara, through his work he challenges stereotypes of the black male and masculinity. That is a theme I cover a lot in my own practice.

Most important medium you always use.

For me it will always be the camera be it digital or film, that is how I express myself. I also feel that music and dance is another medium I find important, that is how I express myself.

Favourite art gallery.

Recently, I’ve really enjoyed going to Village Bookshop & Gallery in Leeds, I find myself being inspired a lot by the books and magazines. The staff are also very friendly and the environment is really calming.

Favourite place to eat in Leeds.

Because I’m a broke student I can’t afford many places, so every now and again I’ll treat myself to a Margarita Pizza from Pizza La Fonte.

Image: Courtesy of Jordan Lambert

Life hack/student hack.

Always freeze your food.

Favourite facility at Uni.

My favourite facility is the Computer Suites. 

Society you have always wanted to start.

The society that I have always wanted, happily is already here, which is the Afro Caribbean Society (ACS). It’s a safe environment that accepts everyone, specifically people of colour. There are not many spaces that I feel allow me to express my opinions regarding race, as I feel that sometimes I have to censor myself.

Medium you can’t live without.

My camera.