Current BA (Hons) Fashion Design student, Inés Lacruz Sisamon, tells us about the opportunities she has gained through the University, the amazing facilities and also tells some advice to anyone wanting to study the course...

How does Leeds Arts University help you develop your practice?

Coming from an environment where Art and Design subjects are not encouraged, I was very eager to attend an institution with a long and well established name within the Arts. Leeds Arts University offers me the facilities and specialist tuition I need to achieve my full potential. The smaller class sizes and approachable tutors make learning in a studio environment much more relaxed, as well as easier access to additional help and facilities.

Image: Courtesy of Inés Lacruz Sisamon

What connections does your course have with industry? Tell us about any live briefs you’ve worked on, or any work experience you’ve had.

So far, during my time at the University we’ve had talks from designers such as Mary Benson and Bethany Williams. Our tutors also continuously encourage us to attend interesting events related to the industry. Last year I visited Redress Design Awards and Graduate Fashion Week, it was a great opportunity to see the upcoming talent and attend talks from relevant people from the fashion industry.

The tutors are also very helpful when you’re trying to find internships. Last year I started working at a bridal wear design studio run by Leeds Arts University alumni Eden Hardwick, with her brand Eden Keisha. It was a great opportunity and happened with help from a tutor who put me in touch with her.

Image: Courtesy of Inés Lacruz Sisamon

Tell us which resources and facilities you use the most, and how they help you develop your practice.

Every fashion studio has plenty of sewing machines, mannequins and big tables that are perfect for pattern cutting. Whenever you have a problem with a sewing machine you can ask for the technician’s help and they will fix it as quickly as possible.

However, one of my favourite facilities in the university is the new library, it’s a great space for group work and has all the books you need for your research work. In the library there is also a Mac suite, where all of the computers have Photoshop and Illustrator, the two pieces of software that we are taught to use and are essential for portfolio work. Another great facility is the photography studios, where we can photograph our garments in collaboration with the BA (Hons) Fashion Photography students.

Image: Courtesy of Inés Lacruz Sisamon

What advice would you give to someone considering studying BA (Hons) Fashion Design at University?

I would really recommend studying BA (Hons) Fashion Design at Leeds Arts University, not only because of the course itself but also because Leeds is an amazing place to live. It has a great student community, allowing you to meet very diverse people from different courses and universities. It also has a fantastic music and arts scene. There are always interesting exhibitions and gigs to go to when you have some free time.

Describe yourself in three words.

I consider myself a cheerful, authentic and self-critical person.