Chloe Macfeggan, our BA (Hons) Fashion Branding with Communication student, talks to us about her work, her route to university and life in Leeds...

What do you specialise in and what are you working on at the moment?

Now that I have just begun second year, the focus is moving onto marketing in the digital age, whereas previously we focused on traditional media and print; creating magazines and editorial campaigns for chosen brands. I am looking to specialise in innovative marketing in the future, how brands can interact in new ways with customers, and be instrumental in what a brands identity is in a fast-changing market.

Image: Courtesy of Chloe Macfeggan

What does a typical day/week as a BA (Hons) Fashion Branding with Communication student involve?

The course is highly diverse in its lectures, with seminars tailored to the area of creative practice we are looking into in the module. The environment in the studio lets us share ideas and engage in discussions around the topic of the lecture. There is enough freedom in which direction we take our work, being able to gather inspiration in and around the city, and work independently while still having allotted one-on-one tutoring integrated within teaching hours.

Image: Courtesy of Chloe Macfeggan

Tell us which resources and facilities you use the most, and how they help you develop your practice.

The Mac suites throughout the university have every program we need throughout the course, and with regular inductions and computing staff to help they are often used. The brand-new photography studios can be booked out along with the lighting and camera equipment for each task.

What was your route to University - what did you study before starting University? Did you always have an interest in Fashion Branding with Communication?

I studied Fine Art, Business and Psychology at A Level before coming to university. I always had a strong interest in fashion but did not know which career path would best suit my interest in the field. After attending the open days and discussing the course contents with the tutors, I decided the breadth of the course contents fit what I wanted to do, and has now directed my future prospects.

Image: Courtesy of Chloe Macfeggan

What do you like about living in Leeds?

Leeds has something for everyone, it has an incredibly diverse music, art and culture scene makes it a wonderful place to go to uni. Student life is at the heart of the city with long running events throughout the year, no matter what kind of music you enjoy. It is a greatly inspiring place, especially for fashion with a large range of shops and a thriving vintage scene.