Karen is Course Leader for the BA (Hons) Creative Writing, commencing September 2019. The degree aims to equip students and graduates to embark upon a viable and productive writing life.

A graduate in English Studies (language, literature and creative writing) Karen holds postgraduate qualifications in specialist dyslexia tuition and in teaching in the post-compulsory sector.

Karen has taught across the University’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes developing writing as a creative practice. She has delivered her hands on Tactile Writing Workshops - which break down barriers to both academic and creative writing – at universities, for community groups and at the Leeds Poetry Festival and Ilkley Literature Festival. . Karen received her doctorate in Education in 2020. Her research method is narrative inquiry and focuses on making writing a viable and rich contributor to creative practice, and a creative practice in its own right. She is committed to the democratic nature of writing, particularly its powerful role within the Arts University. This research is ongoing and to date has manifested itself in published written, oral and filmed formats. She is included in this year’s Paracombe Prize short story anthology and was a runner up in the 2019 Winchester poetry prize.

Karen is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the Royal society of Arts. She is a member of NAWE, the national association of writers in education, and a member of the Poetry Society. Her own practice is that of a short story writer, poet and art reviewer.


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