We spoke to Ava-Lien Shoshan, a current BA (Hons) Creative Advertising student, on her practice and connections with industry, advice she would give to prospective students and living in Leeds...

How does Leeds Arts University help develop your practice?

Leeds Arts University has played a pivotal role in my professional practice in a number of ways. The course has provided exposure to connections within the industry, giving its students the chance to talk and experience being practicing professionals and working with agencies first hand. It also, through the structure of the course, ensures that we are working at an agency standard from day one.

Image: Courtesy of Ava-Lien Shoshan

The tutors are continuously challenging the students to push the boundaries of their conceptual thinking and to approach the briefs in a holistic and professional manner, that questions and pushes the boundaries of what we know.

The thing that aided me the most in my practice is how supportive and encouraging the tutors are, whilst simultaneously pushing us to create work than I never thought I was capable of.

What connections does your course have with industry? Tell us about any live briefs you’ve worked on, or any work experience you’ve had.

The course has fantastic connections with the best agencies in the industry with visits are arranged frequently throughout the term with live briefs from agencies such as Ogilvy, Mother, McCann, Havas Lynx and many more, all of which we have the opportunity to visit. Visits are arranged frequently throughout the term with live briefs.

Recently, Leeds based agency JayWing gave the chance to create a campaign for ADT, with the opportunity to intern and work closely with the agency if the idea was chosen.

Image: Courtesy of Ava-Lien Shoshan

The tutors encourage internships and self-directed agency exposure outside of the course trips and visits, ensuring we are more comfortable seeking out opportunities and work for ourselves. I recently had the chance to Intern at Havas Lynx in Manchester as well as Adam&Eve London where I received ample support from my tutors on the application process.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying BA (Hons) Creative Advertising at the University?

I’d say if you’re good with ideas and problem solving and love any creative medium this is the course for you, as it provides and encourages creativity without the boundaries. The advice I’d give to incoming students would be to emerge yourself in culture as much as possible and read different types of newspapers, magazines, books and any other printed material. Keep in touch with what is currently happening in the world, as it will greatly aid your approach to briefs.

Image: Courtesy of Ava-Lien Shoshan

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I chose BA (Hons) Creative Advertising because I love ideas, anything creative and I wanted to change the way people think and make a difference in this world, no matter how small my impact is. In five years time I’d like to see myself working in a creative team as an art director with a copywriter, inventing challenging solutions that insight change, perhaps within an agency specialising in Non-Governmental Organisation work.

What do you like about living in Leeds?

The thing I like most about Leeds is the diversity and the energy. You can find any type of music or night out, whether it’s a hidden jazz bar or a drum and base night in an eccentrically decorated warehouse. The galleries and the cultural events continue all year round. You are never bored in the city!