We invite leading talent from local, national and international creative and cultural industries to come and share their experiences with you. Their input helps to spark ideas for your work and provides that ‘real life’ perspective to plans for your future career.

Recently we had Dr Alan Latham, an urban geographer. He is a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Geography at University University London and Visiting Professor of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Here, Alan discusses the notion of ‘productive antagonism’ in the context of interdisciplinary collaborations, with examples from collaborations that he has created with Dr Kai Syng Tan (Junior Research Fellow) in the research institute that they run, the RUN! RUN! RUN! International Body for Research

Morgan Quaintance is a London-based writer, musician, broadcaster and curator. Born in South London, he is a regular contributor to Art Monthly, Art Review, Frieze, Rhizome.org and a number of curatorial sites and blogs. morganquaintance.com

Dr Ope Lori is an artist using lens based media to draw the viewer in through the ways that looking dynamics, are turned upside down, from positions of power to powerlessness, from being passive spectators to consciously viewing participants.