Suddenly you’re plunged from your own circle of friends into a place where it’s unlikely you’ll know anyone. But don’t worry! Most people are in the same boat. Here are our tips for making friends quickly and easily:  

Stay in touch

If you meet anyone you get on with on an open day, or when you come for interviews, why not agree to stay in touch? Swap email addresses: before you arrive, you can swap ideas (like what to pack!) and you can meet up again in your first week. If you drift apart fairly quickly afterwards, neither of you has lost anything. 

Take advantage of the obvious

You’ll end up being thrown into other people’s company in all sorts of ways when you arrive—in inductions, in queues in the Union, in the shop, in the cafe;. Just talk to them! And remember that it’s good to meet people who aren’t on your course. 

Say something - anything!

You’ll find most people in their first week get into a rut of asking and answering four questions: What’s your name?; Where are you from?; What course are you on?; and What A-Levels did you do? Surely you can do better than that! Prepare a couple of questions in advance—and if they’re funny, even better. But your opening line doesn’t have to be clever or memorable, and the other person will probably just feel pleased you wanted to say hello. 

Get stuck into the Union

For some people, the Students’ Union can seem pretty daunting. But it really is the key to socialising and knowing what’s going on. Just go for it in Freshers’ Week—that’s when everyone else is feeling pretty shiny and new, too! And the second and third years aren’t back yet. 

Don’t believe the hype!

Not everyone’s as confident inside as they look! Most people fret about making a mistake or looking silly, especially in a new situation. So don’t feel you’re the only one; just be yourself, because that’s the only way to find out who genuinely warms to you.