Sam Hudson

Before working in education, Sam worked in the fashion industry as a stylist for music videos, a Director of a CMT garment production company, producing small production runs for independent designers, alongside designing and producing her own menswear and womenswear RTW collections.

Prior to embarking on her career in fashion, Sam was invited by Central Saint Martin’s School of Art to study her Masters degree, where she specialised in menswear, exploring the contrasts between two traditions, East and West, both in relation to design and pattern cutting principles. 

In her role as Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Fashion Design, Sam’s focus is to embed an ethos into the programme that responds to the ever-increasing awareness of ethical considerations which are resulting in a slowing down of the ‘fast fashion’ conveyer belt and taking a more considered and connected approach to fashion design and a conscious fashion communication agenda.

Sam’s pedagogical interests lie in cross-disciplinary integration/collaboration and the development of informed design processes through broader contextual understanding. By doing so the development of fashion concepts and design moves away from the mimicking of existing fashion, into a process that has engaged in a more rigorous and informed methodology, thus achieving more innovative and personalised results. These methodologies are embedded through all the modules Sam delivers, reinforcing the holistic philosophy of the programme.

Sam’s research examines ‘personal narrative’ and ‘future artefact’ in relation to the future of fashion education. The aim of the research is to raise awareness and encourage expression of, and confidence in, individual identities, create social interaction through story-telling that, in turn, informs the design process, offer opportunities to consider both ethical approaches to fashion design and ethics of use, encourage alternative approaches to the fashion design and garment construction process, fostering a more thoughtful and considered approach to the subject of fashion, and present test-bed and showcase opportunities to students in external venues.