Visual Communication students install interactive exhibition to explore wellbeing

06 January 2020

Students from BA (Hons) Visual Communication organised an interactive exhibition and event at Leeds Arts Gallery to explore the subject of wellbeing through a range of media.

The event, Mindflow, was put together by second year students as an exploration of mental health and wellbeing through interactive art, film and workshops.

The exhibition consisted of two installations; a contemplative room with a nature ceiling, and a ‘chime room’, and was so popular with visitors the students were invited to keep the exhibition open throughout the whole weekend to enable them to engage with a wider audience. 

Talking about the experience the group said:

"The Mindflow event was a great experience that provided a way to practise important skills such as leadership, problem-solving and being creative. Holding an event was not an easy task but it was worth it. Because of our hard work as a team we reached success, and due to plenty of positive audience feedback we were able to extend Mindflow for an extra two days.

It was also a great experience to work with the staff at Leeds Art Gallery, they were helpful from the beginning and gave us lots of advice throughout. If we were to do it all over again, we would!"

Find out more about the event here

All images by Viktorija Tupikaite, Aishah Wahab and Jonathan Fee.