Towards an Inclusive Arts Education Book Launch and Symposium

23 February 2015

On Friday 20th February 2015 the official book launch of Towards an Inclusive Arts Education, published by Trentham Books for the Institute of Education (IOE), took place at the Edwardian rooms, Chelsea College of Art.    

Sam Broadhead, Head of Research at Leeds College of Art, took part in a panel discussion between five of the chapter writers led by the book’s editor Dr. Kate Hatton, Head of Inclusive Education Programmes at University of the Arts London (UAL).

Towards an Inclusive Arts Education 1

Ms. Broadhead described her research into the experiences of post-Access students and the importance of the work of Basil Bernstein in analysing studio practice as an invisible pedagogy.

Dr. Anna Hickey-Moody, Head of PhD in Arts and Learning at Goldsmiths University, talked about the principles of dance theatre models in relation to inclusivity.

Dr. Eldrid Herrington, Head of International Student Experience at UAL, shared her inquiry into student achieving whilst arguing for cultural studies to be central to all art and design curricula.

Dr. Micheal McMillan, writer, dramatist and mixed media artist, presented his ideas around the pedagogy of the workshop as an ‘expert-intuitive’ practice. Counter storytelling as an academic practice, where the voices of marginalised students expose hidden hierarchies in the curriculum, was discussed by Caroline Stevenson, Dissertation Coordinator at the School of Design Technology.

The event was well attended and the co-founder of Trentham books, Dr Gillian Klein, gave a moving speech about the coherence and significance of the publication within the field of inclusive education.