Textile Design graduate wins Lumen Prize

25 October 2019

International graduate Cassie Suche has won the Lumen Prize: The Photomonitor Student Award 2019.

Now in its eighth year, the Lumen Prize celebrates the very best art created with technology.

The Photomonitor Student Award is presented for excellence in still or moving image created by a student currently enrolled in a degree programme in the arts.

The Lumen awards were presented at a ceremony at the Barbican Centre for Performing Arts in London on 24th October 2019. The nine prize winners underline the international nature of digital art, including artists from Lithuania, Canada, the US and Europe.

Cassie Suche, A Capricious Pathway, 2019

'Executed by a robotic arm, this drawing experiments with the combination of mechanical process and physical matter. In the development of this piece, markers, pens and brushes were repeatedly destroyed by the rigorous and repetitive physical impact of the machinery involved. The works provided a literal documentation of the physical limitations of tools, showing where they violently collided with the paper, and where they reached the end of their functional capabilities. In this work, the precision of the robotic motion in combination with the gradual disintegration of the markers creates in a remarkably calm and ethereal aesthetic.'

Cassie graduated from the Textile Design course in 2019 and now lives and works in her home town in Calgary in Canada.