Studying the Foundation Diploma in the 1980s!

14 December 2015

Elizabeth Garbutt (Nee Kaniuka), Careers Advisor studied for a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design 1980-1981

Elizabeth Garbutt

 “I believe Leeds College of Art & Design gave me the opportunity to really explore my potential.  I had been an academic failure at high school who seriously underachieved and was demotivated, Punk music had evolved into New wave, the New Romantics were emerging, soft cell- Tainted Love was number one and John Lennon was assassinated in December 1980.  Starting Leeds College of Art was the beginning of a new decade, September 1980 was a voyage of wild discovery; bright coloured hair, garish makeup, boys wearing eye-liner, experimenting with clothes, wearing winkle pickers or pixy boots.  The 80s I associate my art school education with electronic music, Thatcherism, The Miners’ Strike, the decade of change, excess, yuppies, Greenpeace and becoming an adult.  I made some lovely friends as well and went to some wonderful parties.  Leeds College of Art Students held a Halloween party in 1980 at The Warehouse.  A memorable night with Gothic looking punks, slutty Avant-garde witches and surreal ghosts and ghouls.  “