Ruth Selina Prize 2022 Awarded

12 July 2022

The third annual Ruth Selina Memorial Prize has been awarded to Leeds Arts University Foundation Diploma student Angelika Kaccouris.

The prize includes an award of £500 and is presented to a student in the Fine Art Specialist area on the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Leeds Arts University.

Adam Stone, Pathway leader for the Foundation Diploma said that Angelika’s work: “showed great sensitivity to materials, a spirit of enquiry and a playful determination to discover new knowledge through making.”

Image: Angelika Kaccouris , Unit 4 Studio Practice 1, 2022. 

Image: Angelika Kaccouris , Unit 4 Studio Practice 2, 2022. 

Image: Angelika Kaccouris , Unit 4 Studio Practice 3, 2022. 

About her work Angelika said:

“My work attempts to explore the relationship between humans and nature. These pieces are maps of my personal experiences in nature where I have recorded my surroundings and effects on individual senses. This project resonates with me as I feel that our society, including myself, has become increasingly detached from the natural world. I created this collection by removing felt pen from Sellotape with my fingers.”

The prize is awarded in memory of Ruth Selina who completed the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Leeds Arts University in 2018 and sadly passed away in the first year of her degree course. The Ruth Selina prize has been established by Ruth’s family to celebrate her rich creative life, in particular the period of time spent on the Foundation Diploma at Leeds Arts University.