Postgraduate Research Poster; Prize Winner Announced

20 January 2022

Students on our postgraduate courses were invited to submit a poster, (either printed or in digital format) for an internal competition aiming to communicate their research work to their peers.

The work was judged by University curator, Dr Marianna Tsionki, and forms part of their ongoing research, as well as playing an important role in a student’s development in postgraduate studies.

To promote a trans-disciplinary, collaborative and integrated postgraduate culture at the University, all of the postgraduate students undertake two shared core modules.

The first, ‘Research for Professional Context’, provides the opportunity for students to situate their diverse creative practices within contemporary contexts. As part of the module, students conduct peer reviewed presentations that demonstrate their ability to clarify and visualise their work and research.

Presentation skills are important to help students secure future opportunities, and the presentations are intended to be developmental, experimental and related to the student’s practice.

Some of the students opted to use the academic poster medium to communicate their work, and as this element is not marked, students were encouraged to submit the posters for the internal competition.

After careful consideration of their submissions, University curator, Marianna, awarded five prizes for the winning posters to the following students; Katie Holmes MA Creative Practice, Maria Kimberly Furtado MA Graphic Design, Milly Fern Parker MA Creature Design, Erin Bennett MA Digital Fashion and Becky Long-Smith MA Creative Practice.

In the ‘highly commended’ category, submissions from Sam Henty MA Fine Art, and Richard Tulloch MA World Building were also awarded.

Image: Winning Research Poster by Erin Bennett MA Digital Fashion.

Image: Winning Research Poster: Becky Longsmith MA Creative Practice.

Head of Postgraduate Studies at Leeds Arts University, Dr Sarah Taylor said;

‘It has been an incredible part of the development process to see our postgraduate students working together cross -collaboratively across the disciplines, peer to peer. The creativity and innovation that has come out of the poster work is outstanding and I know it was tough for our curator to whittle it down to only five standout entries. This bodes well for the future outputs of our students and I look forward to supporting them on that journey.’