Photography students featured in Source magazine

05 September 2016

Two photography students have been selected amongst just 12 students for the Source graduate ‘best of’ lists.

Recent BA (Hons) Photography graduates Ben Renshaw and Lydia Meredith’s work was featured in the Source magazine, Issue 86 – Summer 2016. Ben’s work, which is fashion based, was also featured on the front cover of the magazine. 

Lydia Meredith

Source 2016 - Lydia

Source website, selector's Comment: 

In 'Hudson Valley', Lydia Meredith focuses on an area of New York State where there is a rich agricultural tradition. She portrays a number of farmers from the region who are dedicated to sustainable farming. Her portraits, made with a medium format camera, capture these individuals with sensitivity and respect. Alongside the portraits are images revealing various aspects of the farming life - a basket of corn, meandering chickens - that imbue the entire project with a wonderful sense of detail and nuance. As a viewer I can appreciate the photographer's profound connection with her subject, as she has portrayed a real sense of the people and the place.

You can see more of Lydia’s work at her website here

Ben Renshaw 

Source 2016 - Ben

Source website, selector's Comment: 

Ben's story is influenced by modern fashion magazine photography very clearly - ID, Dazed, GQ Style etc. I like the sense of structured deliberation of each image, the sense of fabric and modernity, textures, movement and place. Importantly technically he is consistent and even though the models are gender identifiable there is also an element of neutral androgyny to his work that could provide potential for further development.

You can see more of Ben's work at his website here