Photography Graduate Chosen for Cream 2015 Graduate Showcase

17 November 2015

Ettie Wyatt Goseburch, BA (Hons) Photography 2015, is one of just eighteen 2015 photography graduates from across the UK to be chosen for a showcase of graduate talent at Crane Kalman Brighton.

Ettie Wyatt Goseburch 1

Ettie Wyatt Goseburch 3

Images: © Ettie Wyatt Goseburch

Of the selected graduates Ettie was one of six chosen by Source Photographic Review’s guest selector, Malcom Dickson, Gallery Director at Street Level Photoworks.  Malcom Dickson was asked to select his favourite sets of images.  On Ettie’s work he said:

Ettie Wyatt Gosebruch's series is composed of close ups of buildings, the nature of which is unknown - some may be council houses, some industrial or office buildings, community centres, with echoes of brutalist architecture. The ambiguity is amplified by the fact that some are composite images, though you would be challenged to identify which. There is good composition and use of colour in these images, verging on the abstract, and as a result they stood out stylistically.

Read the full article here.

An exhibition Cream 15: A Showcase of Graduate Photography Talent 2015, featuring all 18 graduates took place at the University of Brighton Gallery, Grand Parade, Brighton BN1 in October.

A full list of finalists can be seen here.

Ettie is currently completing a residency as a Creative in Residence at Leeds College of Art.

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