MA Curation Practices student project champions Black leadership

08 June 2021

Black Leadership & Representation, a project by MA Curation Practices student Natasha Clarke aims to address the lack of representation and equality in leadership roles.

Natasha was recruited by Dr Muna Abdi, the founder and director of MA Education Consultancy to co-curate the project which looks at some of the key barriers preventing young people of colour from progressing in their chosen profession, providing resources and giving a voice to marginalised young people.

Image: Website header. Photograph by Olivia Jones, BLM Doncaster 

The Black Leadership & Representation project was inspired by the lack of black leaders in all industries including creative ones. As an artist herself Natasha understands how art can be used as a tool to voice issues and influence positive change. Working with her co-curator Lindsey Nkem, Natasha aims to allow the project participants to use their own voice, as she explains:

“My curatorial approach to the project came from a ‘host’ stance. By working collaboratively with the participants, it provided them the space to share their stories freely. I prefer to take a co-curatorial approach to my practice as it allows me to work more effectively with marginalised groups.“

Image: Example resources

The project is funded by MA Education Consultancy, a Sheffield based company who work with clients to support them in developing equitable and inclusive structures and practices through research and training.

Find out more about the Black Leadership & Representation project and Natasha’s other projects here.