MA Creative Practice student designs FACE publication book cover

18 September 2019

Mahmuna Hussain, a student on the MA Creative Practice course, has designed the cover for the 2019 Forum for Access and Continuing Education (FACE) publication.

Established in 1993, FACE is a UK-wide network for those involved and concerned with access, continuing education and lifelong learning. As a multi-sector network, FACE and its members are at the forefront of the challenges involved in providing lifelong learning opportunities.

Mahmuna Hussain, known to her friends as Moon, is a graphic design graduate from Yorkshire, a devoted Muslim, a former tax and banking adviser and a creative practitioner.

She is a current student on the University’s MA in Creative Practice, and her main topic of interest is Islamic Geometric Art.  Mahmuna’s vision is to create contemporary art using traditional methods, creating tiles from resin and screen print and etching to create wallpapers. She strives for sustainability in her work, using the leftover epoxy resin to create key rings and pendants so nothing is wasted.

The design for the publication cover uses a pattern inspired by Ben Yusuf Madrasa, Marrakesh, Morocco, (AD 1564/AH 971). Talking about her cover design Mahmuna said:

“I found this design to be very awkward to work with especially when constructing it in a different medium. The reason that I had chosen this design is because of the challenge it gave and I felt it best fit the theme of transformation - transitioning from circles and lines, to structure and colour. I aim to further develop this pattern and produce it with screen print and etching. The colours used are inspired by my surroundings, such as the sunset and nature as I have a love for hiking and to immerse myself within nature.”

The 2019 publication, titled Transformative Higher Education: Access, Inclusion and Lifelong Learning was edited by a team including Leeds Arts University’s Head of Research, Dr Samantha Broadhead, and contains an article by Senior Lecturer and Postgraduate Co-ordinator Frances Norton. The publication was launched at the 26th annual conference, held at Sheffield Hallam University from 3 – 5 July.