Leeds Arts University students and alumni complete a Digital Micro-Internship with Mindless Academy

29 July 2022

Thirty-six Leeds Arts University students and alumni recently completed a month long Digital Micro-Internship with Mindless Academy.

The internships are designed to provide short-term, high value, digital work experience to students and young professionals. Each week as a part of the Content Creation Brief, interns create both editorial and visual content for Mindless Mag, a digital publication for Stuff That Matters.

Charlie Johnson - Save UkraineImage: Charlie Johnson - Save Ukraine

In their final week, interns create content for Mindless’s charity partner platforms, such as Extinction Rebellion and Vegan.org, which offer interns exposure to new professional networks and opportunities.  

Georgia Knell, the internship coordinator from Mindless, said of the internship graduates:

“Overall, it was a great month, and we were super impressed with the content created by your students! Special mention to Charlie Johnson and Georgia Edwards for going above and beyond each week and creating their own visuals to accompany each post!”

Georgia Edwards- Only FansImage: Georgia Edwards- Only Fans