In pictures student life with Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth

29 March 2016

George Stevenson studied at Leeds School of Art from 1914-18 & 1919-21.  A contemporary of Henry Moore in the early 1920s, George Stevenson attended as a student just before the First World War.

After military service from 1914-1918, he returned to his studies at the College (then Leeds School of Art) where he studied alongside Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Edna Ginesi. The photographs taken by George during his time in Leeds give a vivid depiction of art school life during and after World War I. 

Stevenson 2

Image: Drawing exam students, Vernon street steps, 1st June 1920.  Back: Standing, left to right, Raymond Coxon, Horace Brooke.  Middle: sitting, left to right, Geoffrey Kniveton, Connie Castle, George Stevenson, Henry Moore, Dorothy white, Harry Taylor. Forground: sitting, unknown. 

Stevenson 5

Image: Leeds School of Art students, c. 1920.  Back: standing, left to right, Barbara Hepworth, Eric Rodgers, Edna Ginesi, Henry Moore, unknown, unknown.  Sitting: left to right, unknown, George Stevenson, Harry (Happy) Taylor. 

Stevenson 3

Image: Drawing exam students, Vernon Street steps, 1st June 1920.  From Left to right, unknown, George Stevenson, Raymond Coxon, Henry Moore, Dorothy White Connie Castle, Harry Taylor, Geoffrey Kniveton. 

Stevenson 6

Image: Students, c. 1920.  The group includes Pitchforth, Gordon Stowell, Horace Brooke, Jack Elvin and Kathleen Scott. 

Stevenson 4

Image: May 1917.  A few of the remaining students outside Leeds School of Art, Vernon Street.  

All images reproduced with kind permission of George Stevenson’s daughter, Anne and son George Stevenson.