Graphic Design student wins RSA Student Design Award

12 June 2014

Final year BA (Hons) Graphic Design student Samuel Hoh has won the Patricia Tindale Legacy Award at this year’s RSA Student Design Awards.

Samuel won the award with his response to the Collaborative Consumption brief that asked students to ‘Design a product or service that gets better or more useful the more people use it so that sharing becomes more attractive and viable.’

Samuel came out on top with his concept Aye Skipper, a logistics service and application that enables businesses to offer clean and safe waste materials/products to their local community, thereby reducing waste and associated disposal costs, and supporting reuse and upcycling of useful materials. 

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We caught up with Samuel to ask him how he approached the brief and what his plans for the future are.

How did you hear about the RSA Student Design Awards?

We were required to find our own briefs at the start of the year. I came across the RSA 2014 briefs online, which at the time I wasn’t familiar with. So it was a lucky find.

Why did you choose the brief?

Initially I was interested in the internships available for winning chosen briefs as I was focused on keeping myself busy after my degree. Also the RSA briefs involve you to find new products/systems which require challenging concept development, which I find engaging.

How did you approach the brief?

By generating multiple ideas it allowed me to choose what I thought was going to be the strongest concept. It was case of elimination.

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How does it feel to win the award?

It has given me confidence from the initial selection and presenting the work to people within the creative industry was an extremely valuable process.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

A lot of my peers are working hard and doing well which breeds a healthy competition to succeed.

You’re graduating this year, what are you plans with the future?

I have an internship starting in June at Studio Output (Nottingham) and from there I will find something more permanent. 

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Samuel will receive a £750 cash award from the Patricia Tindale Legacy to the RSA. 

The RSA Student Design Awards (SDAs) are 90 this year. Since 1924 the Awards have challenged emerging artists, designers, thinkers and makers to use design thinking, craft and ingenuity to drive innovation.