Friendship, discourse and belonging in the studio...

03 December 2015

Samantha Broadhead’s paper titled Friendship, discourse and belonging in the studio: The experiences of ‘non-traditional’ students in design higher education was accepted for presentation at the European Society of Research into the Education of Adults (ESREA)  Access, Learning Careers and Identities Network conference, at the University of Seville, Spain, 25 – 27 November, 2015.

This was about how friendship and a feeling of belonging could be cultivated within the art and design studio due to the horizontal discourses between students that occurred through day-to-day contact. This was important particularly for mature students who maybe studied in a group of much younger students. The paper discussed examples from Broadhead’s research of instances where friendship and virtuous action had helped students to continue their studies rather than dropping out of their degree course.

You can read Broadhead’s title and abstract paper here

Broadhead said:- “The conference was made up of delegates from many countries and it was interesting to listen to papers delivered in different languages and then translated into English.”

“The key note presentation by Michel Alhadeff-Jones, University of Fribourg, Switzerland and Director of the Sunkronos Institute was excellent. It was about the different conceptions of time moving away from notions of linear measurement (days, hours, minutes, seconds) to those of duration, rhythmic and episodic as being more meaningful to how people think about and experience time in their life.”

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