Fine Art student’s work on display at Tate Britain

08 December 2021

First year BA (Hons) Fine Art student Evie Wilson saw her art work go on a digital display at Tate Britain to celebrate the opening of the current ‘Life Between Islands' exhibition.

The call out sent to members of Tate Collective asked the young artists to response to the theme of 'home', asking participants to think about what home meant to them.
Evie’s graphite pencil piece, titled Now Wash Those Hands! reflects the action that is shown within the drawing.

Image: Now Wash Those Hands, Evie Wilson. Graphite on paper. 

The piece was created in relation to the theme of ‘home’ during a time when Covid-19 was rife as Evie explains: “Our homes had become, and still are, a safe place from the virus with one of the first actions we do when returning is washing our hands. This action started to mirror what our homes felt like, as if we were cleaning off any worry or stress about the virus.”

Image: Evie Wilson with her artwork at Tate Britain

The work was selected from hundreds of entries to be shown on the Finding Home digital display at Tate Britain from Friday 3 – Sunday 5 December 2021.

Evie told us: “To have my work exhibited at Tate Britain was a dream come true, especially at only 18. It is something that I have always thought about, but never expected to happen. It is an achievement I’ll remember for the rest of my life and the memory of seeing it in person will stay with me forever.”