Fashion students exhibit their work at Louis Vuitton

09 January 2015

When Louis Vuitton assigned Leeds College of Art, Fashion Level 6 students to interpret the word ‘Luxury’, the results were quite literally luxurious! The students were asked to describe their individual interpretation of the word and its context within fashion.

Throughout the exclusive live project, the students investigated, developed and presented their work to Louis Vuitton who carefully selected fifteen pieces to exhibit in their store. The pieces included luxurious fashion garments, dynamic fashion photography, innovative fashion film & thought provoking installations.

Louis Vuitton 5

On the opening night of the exhibition, the students enjoyed an evening of prestige, surrounded by the luxury brand known for its signature monogrammed handbags, luggage, and chic apparel. They were joined by Louis Vuitton staff and tutors from the College. The evening was accompanied by champagne (of course!) and festive treats, which were aptly received by guests and participants! The exhibition successfully continued for one week. and received wonderful acknowledgments from the Louis Vuitton clientele. 

The overall competition winner, fashion student Poppy-Bethany Cookson said, "I wanted to look at water being the biggest luxury in the world and how many people see luxury as a materialistic object. Winning the 'I am Luxury' Louis Vuitton competition was extremely overwhelming and I feel very honoured". 

Made in Leeds spoke to some of the students ahead of the exhibition to ask how they interpreted 'Luxury'.

Here are some snaps from the evening… 

Louis Vuitton 2

Louis Vuitton 3

Louis Vuitton 4

Louis Vuitton 8

Louis Vuitton 1

Louis Vuitton 9