Extended Diploma students produce film for BBC2 Learning Zone

23 March 2015

Thirteen Extended Diploma students at the College were involved in the production of a BBC2 science education programme for the Learning Zone, about light waves – which was shown as part of  ‘Wave World’

The documentary looks at waves in science for which our students focused on the science of colour. It was aired on BBC2 on 6th March 2015 and you can watch it online here:-

They worked with the presenter producing small experimental pieces of typography and print making to see how paint and ink reacted under different light - they also discussed how other artists have used this to create installations or work that responds to different coloured light.

The day was split into sections with one group of students painting the words RED, GREEN, and BLUE, in each of the colours, red, green and blue. The second group had to guess what coloured they thought the type was and why it looked this way (when cast in the different coloured lights). The second group was looking at how other artists have manipulated this to create work and used the dark room to conduct a series of experiments.


The students involved in producing the short film were:- Lucy Beaumont-Payne, Jordan Clough, Aimee Graham, Shannon Graham, Connor Hastie, Emma Hirst, Anthony Loannides, Jessica Lumb, Joel Nundy, Baily Rawson-Spink, Ellie Riordan, Bradley Young and Zi Yun Zhou.