Creative writing workshop at Ilkley Literature Festival

14 December 2018

Ilkley Literature Festival 2018 featured a tactile writing workshop by BA (Hons) Creative Writing Course Leader Karen Tobias-Green.

The workshops were based on the conviction that writing is a viable and rich creative practice, and that engaging with objects, materials, senses and conversation can provide vital and stimulating opportunities to write. The workshop was sold out on the day and attended by a broad range of participants, with ages ranging from 12 years old to 70 plus, from a wide mix of backgrounds and with varying experiences of creative writing.

Everyone produced something creative, lyrical and imaginative by the end of the session and feedback was positive and warm. Karen looks forward to facilitating more of these workshops as part of the creative writing degree. 

Workshop attendee Lesley said:

"Karen provided exceptionally thoughtful, sensitive, generous and positive support. She listened well and gave excellent feedback and advice. She is widely read in appropriate and useful academic perspectives, and guided me effectively through these complex fields of enquiry. For all these reasons I was drawn to the workshop she gave at the most recent Ilkley Literature Festival, which was stimulating and fun. This produced a poem about my experiences of being a carer, which I then published on my website."