Creative Writing student releases album of ambient music

01 December 2021

Joe Hunter, a final year BA (Hons) Creative Writing student has released an album of ambient music under the name Josefus Haze.

If we make it through this one, we can all go dancing, is an LP of ambient music composed by Joe, who also designed the cover artwork. Speaking about his work Joe said: “I really enjoy writing and creating music, but find that too many vocals or words can hamper my writing, so I wanted to keep vocal presence to a minimum, adding voice samples here and there to augment the music, rather than using the music as a platform for vocals.”

However, two tracks do put the written word at the forefront. Secrets, a poem written and performed by fellow creative writing student, Hannah Prince, and Diaphanous, which features a sampled recording of a poem written and performed by art-critic Herbert Read.

Image: Album artwork for 'If we make it through this one, we can all go dancing'. Josefus Haze

Joe told us: “As an artist with interests that span several disciplines, I'm interested in how each of my creative passions intersect, and how one discipline may exert influence on or draw influence from another. My aim for this album was to compose meditative, thought provoking musical scores that allow the mind to breathe.”

You can find Joe’s music on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud, and see more of his work on Instagram.