Creative Practice student shortlisted for Portrait of Britain award

09 October 2019

MA Creative Practice student Kate Abbey has been shortlisted for the prestigious Portrait of Britain award headed by the British Journal of Photography.

Kate is a photographer and director currently studying for a Masters in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University. Her work is one of 200 shortlisted for the award and has been included in The Portrait of Britain Vol.2 Book, published by Hoxton Mini Press.

Kate told us about her submission:

“Whilst doing the school run two years ago, I noticed a flamboyant figure in bright red high heels and a flowing gossamer gown striding up and down her front lawn pushing her lawnmower. She lived in utter picket fence suburbia and the contrast of her looks totally intrigued me. 18 months passed and I found myself knocking on her door, and before long she became my muse and I’d often pop round for a cuppa and a chat.

She told me about the first day she strode out of the house in women’s clothes and how she never dared look up to meet anyone’s eye contact until she got back to the house again.”

Image credit: Sarah, Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Photographed by Kate Abbey.