Creative Advertising alumni interviewed by AdGradUK

17 October 2022

AdGradUK is a campaign designed by a group of leading Universities in the UK that promotes creative advertising courses through the most compelling examples of what an advertising degree can do.

They recently spoke to Ryan Morgan who graduated from the University’s BA (Hons) Creative Advertising degree in 2018. The full interview can be read below:

My name is Ryan, I'm a Marketing Manager at a Social Media management & Celebrity Reputation management agency called Honest London. I studied Creative Advertising at Leeds Arts University from 2015-2018.

How did your Creative Advertising degree help you get to where you are now?

Without this course, I can honestly say I don't believe I'd be in the position I am now in my career. The degree gave me a real foundation of the realities of agency life, along with the creative, social and business skills needed to break into the industry. I was able to experiment with different disciplines in advertising to discover my strengths and weaknesses, which is where I discovered I like a lot of different areas - and that's okay!

Image: AdGradUK

Having support from skilled and experienced tutors allowed me to craft all areas of my creative process and then execute my work in a professional way, along with the knowledge of how to pitch my ideas to clients with strategy and insight to back them. On a skills level, I learned everything from long and short copy, art direction, creating insight-led strategies and how to effectively research for the best outcomes. But, above all that, I grew in confidence in my ability and myself which really set me up well for entering the competitive advertising industry.

Being placed in front of clients and working on real briefs during the course was the greatest experience I could have asked for, albeit scary at the time. Being in the working world now, and meeting people coming from different advertising/marketing courses, I constantly hear, "Oh, my course was nothing like that, we didn't get to do anything creative" which makes me even more grateful I chose to study CA where I did. It would've been one hell of a boring 3 years elsewhere by the sounds of it. What made the Creative Advertising course special was that it was like a little family. I met some amazing people and some great friends for life, who all still support each other now on both a friendship and work level. The relationship with our tutors also remains strong, and they're happy to keep helping us get to where we want to be even after we've graduated.

What do employers get from hiring an AdGrad?

I think the benefit of hiring an AdGrad, unlike with many other courses, is that we all start and end with the same passion to break into the industry and work hard. This isn't the type of course you choose when you don't know what else to do. Everyone I met in Creative Ad had real goals and ideas of how they wanted their working life to look, and they're all living them now and smashing it too! From what I've learned this far, and what I now look for in job candidates myself, is people who are driven, creative and have fantastic ideas with a desire to continue to grow and learn. You'll always find that in an AdGrad.