Conscious Creatives

17 July 2015

After the hustle and bustle of the final year show, the Students’ Union sat down with Graduating BA (Hons) Graphic Design Student, Bobby Jones, to discuss his experience starting the Conscious Creatives society.

CC SU Society Bloom 1Photo by Rinesh Mistry

How did you come about starting Leeds College of Art’s first sustainability society, Conscious Creatives?

Well, it all came down to the lack of engagement.  I thought, obviously, there are a lot of people in my peer group who are interested in it, but weren’t actually doing anything as a collective.  We would have our own individual practices but I thought obviously it could be so much more if it was collective.  Then from that I thought, well, why should it only be Level 6 Graphic Design? Why can’t everyone be involved?

How did you find actually starting up a society?

It was very straightforward. The Students’ Union was so helpful. 

So what was your favourite part about being in a society? 

I think it was good to meet other people from other courses who are interested. It was good to learn from them, and vice versa hopefully. Also the idea of using the new green space, I’m really excited about that and where that is going to go.  But unfortunately, my time here is up!

What do you hope the society will do or evolve into overtime?

That’s a good question.  I think the initial building of a garden is a great start. Hopefully, how I would want it to move would be in terms of being more design led.  So, like how sustainable aspects can be integrated into design.   Then hopefully more innovative design work can become part of the norm.

What advice would you give to any students looking to start a society?

Have a clear idea of what you want to do with it. Know what the purpose of it is, what you are aiming to do and how is it going to do that.   Be something you are passionate about so it isn’t just an idea you are going to engage with for a month and then kick it off.

You’ve gifted your ‘BLOOM’ letters to the new green spaces we are building, can you tell us the story behind them?

I’ve always wanted to do something like a vertical garden and I really like type and I really like flora.   Then we were given a concept of colour [for the end of year show.]  So I thought, well, there are lots of natural, great colours. And it’s very striking, that natural beauty. So how can I put graphic design and nature together? Hopefully it can be an initial art piece or installation to start the garden off.

Quick Questions!

Favourite spot in Leeds College of Art? 

The canteen, no, the Students’ Union!

Favourite Leed’s hangout?

Brudenell Social Club

Favourite memory you are taking away from Leeds College of Art?

Meeting loads of new people, who have all got the same interests and my girlfriend. Meeting my girlfriend.

Five words to describe your time here at Leeds College of Art? 

Very Very Quick and Fun.

You can find out more about the Conscious Creatives at their Facebook group here

If you're a current student and want to know more about starting a society, e-mail