Cartoonist Mark Stafford hosts talk for Leeds Arts University students

03 November 2022

Mark Stafford, a cartoonist/illustrator working in the field of graphic novels hosted an online talk for students at the University to share his extensive knowledge gained from over 30 years’ experience in the industry. 

During the hour-long discussion Mark shared his hard-won lessons gained from his years in the field, giving the students giving the students an insight into what a successful career as a graphic visual artist can look like. His ‘Lessons Learned’ included ‘Do the f-ing pages’, in which he encouraged the students not only to draw but to draw with a focus on storyline and narrative to develop their skills; the importance of putting yourself out there to find opportunities and collaborators with the advice ‘Go out, turn up and hang around!’; and make sure to ‘Get yourself a gang’, not working in isolation but alongside other inspirational creatives.

Mark Stafford is cartoonist in residence at the Cartoon Museum, and is co-creator of the graphic novels Lip Hook, The Man Who Laughs and Cherubs. Over his career he has produced work for Dark Horse and Self Made Hero and collaborated with the British Council and Arts Council on a comic project with the Kangkangee Arts Village in Busan, South Korea.

Image: Kangkangee Blues, Mark Stafford.