Anthony Earnshaw bursary winners visit Patrick Hughes Reverspective

29 June 2017

On Tuesday 27 June this year's Anthony Earnshaw bursary winners were invited to visit the London studio of artist Patrick Hughes.

Graduating students, Zsazsa Cooper-Williams, Susan Ragan and Ruthie Reynolds, who have all completed the Access to HE Diploma (Art & Design), were treated to a tour with Patrick of his London studio Reverspective.

Earnshaw Studio Visit

Image: Bursary winner Zsazsa Cooper-Williams and runners up in the studio with Patrick Hughes, Alumni Officer Rachael Hickson Pearce and Access Course Leader, Adam Stone.

Hughes' work is concerned with optical and visual illusions, the science of perception and the nature of artistic representation. He has written and collated three books on the visual and verbal rhetoric of the paradox and oxymoron.

Earnshaw Prize 3Image: Susan, Zsazsa and Ruthie at the awards in April. Photo Ian Hinchliffe. 

Patrick Hughes was born in Birmingham, England in October 1939 and taught at Leeds College of Art from 1964-69. His first exhibition was in 1961 and his first reverspective, Sticking-out Room, was made in 1964. He has been exhibiting with Angela Flowers Gallery (now Flowers Gallery) since 1970.

The Anthony Earnshaw Bursary was set up by Patrick Hughes in memory of his friend, the Surrealist Artist Anthony Earnshaw, in 2016.  The Bursary provides assistance towards costs for students studying Access to HE Diploma (Art & Design) at Leeds College of Art.

The Anthony Earnshaw Bursary 2017 was won by Zsazsa Cooper-Williams, runners up were fellow students Susan Ragan and Ruthie Reynolds.

Find out more about the Anthony Earnshaw Bursary and supporting Leeds College of Art HERE