Animation student wins International Animation Challenge!

12 August 2019

Second year BA (Hons) Animation students Briony Caswell, Hannah Lindsay and Devon Short took part in this year's International Animation Challenge, which was held at Rubika-Supinfocom in Valenciennes, France.

The event, now in its third year, took place in July and hosted students from six different international institutions; Leeds Arts University; Griffith Film School, Australia; Jilin Animation Institute, China; BRSU, Thailand; NYP, Singapore; and Rubika-Supinfocom, France. Students were mixed into five groups of students from across the participating institutions and were given the task of creating a chained animation on the theme of 'diversity' – each starting and ending with the same egg.

Hannah Lindsay’s team took home first place in the challenge with their 40 second animation seen below. Hannah said:

"IAC was great and certainly lives up to the word ‘challenge’ (but in a good way). The opportunity to work, befriend and learn from animation students across the globe is something I’ll never forget!"

The below animation is by Devon Short’s team. Devon told us:

"This really was an unforgettable experience. Not only did we get to make a fun animation, but also make professional connections and meet new friends from all over the world."

Below is the animation created by Briony Caswell's team.

Briony said:

"The International Animation Challenge was a great experience filled with lots of opportunities, getting to experience a visit to Red Frog studios and then the directors coming to watch what we created was unbelievable. I really enjoyed working with other people from across the world, it was great to use everyone's different skills to make a final short film. I think I have made friends for life from this experience which is something I didn't expect."

The final animation including work from all five teams can be viewed here.