Alumni artwork introduces national television news

18 April 2019

Foundation Diploma alumna Fiona Grady has been chosen as ITV’s featured artist of the week a part of ITV Creates 2019.

ITV Creates 2019 commissioned 52 artists to produce artworks drawing inspiration from the ITV logo. Each week in 2019 will feature a different interpretation of the logo, created by a wide range of British artists. The work will be showcased just before the start of programmes. The project aims to give a platform to UK talent and is giving a unique and inspiring new look to ITV each week of the year.

During the week running up to Easter Sunday, Fiona’s atmospheric and colourful artwork will introduce all of ITV's national evening news programmes and other programmes throughout the week. For her ITV indent, Fiona incorporated the ITV logo into the design of her artwork, the logo only appearing when the glass work is lit, throwing shadow on to nearby surfaces and revealing the hidden logo. The intention was to create a sense of drama to the artwork and a nod to the techniques of television that change the way reality is perceived.

Fiona said:

"It’s wonderful to be one of the 52 artists involved in the ITV project which highlights the great selection of creative talent in the UK today. At the ITV studios I was assisted by a brilliant creative team of technicians which helped bring my work to life for the medium of television. Since my work normally relies on producing effects with natural light, it was great to find ways to illuminate it using artificial light."

Fiona Grady studied at Leeds Arts University (then Leeds College of Art) for a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design in 2003 -2004. She went on to study for a BA Fine Art at the University of Wales in Cardiff and an MA in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art. She lives and works in London. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Rendered Invisible’ The Art House, Wakefield (2016); ‘Natural Triangulations’ Walthamstow Wetlands Visitor Centre (2017); ‘Kaleidoscope’ Broadgate, London (2018); and currently, ‘Spectra Waves’ at the North Gallery, University of Brighton (2019).

Image: Fiona Grady's ITV logo