AdGradUK interviews Creative Advertising graduate Courtnee Haley

21 November 2022

AdGradUK interviews Leeds Arts University BA (Hons) Creative Advertising graduate Courtnee Haley.

AdGradUK is a campaign designed by a group of leading Universities in the UK that promotes creative advertising courses through the most compelling examples of what an advertising degree can do.

Courtnee Haley graduated in 2018. The full interview can be read below:

My name is Courtnee and I’m a Creative Strategist at The Fifth Agency, a social and influencer marketing agency based in London. I studied Creative Advertising at Leeds Arts University.

Being a Creative Strategist involves talking to clients to understand their problems and figuring out how we can bring their products/services to life in a social-first way. It involves lots of research into the market, human behaviour, the wider world and staying on top of everything that happens creatively on social media.

Image: AdGradUK

How did your Creative Advertising degree at Leeds Arts University help you get to where you are now?

Studying Creative Advertising gave me the fundamental understandings of what advertising is and what goes into it. We got to explore art direction and copywriting for all types of mediums whether that’s TV, outdoor, experiential, print, social media – the list goes on!

I learned so many skills on the course but my favourite is the art of storytelling in really impactful ways. Part of that learning how to turn a problem into a creative solution.

The personal qualities I gained was learning how to take feedback. You’re always pushed to do your best – and the constant feedback loop really does prepare you for the industry where not only clients, but your team feedback on your work to make sure it’s at its best.

What do employers get from hiring an AdGrad?

What employers get from hiring an AdGrad is they gain a highly creative person but who is also commercially aware. That creativity spans across creative thinking and execution of ideas but they know how to bring in a call to action in clever ways to help clients hit their objectives.

They also get a person who has an understanding across the advertising process. Even if the course is structured to focus on a particular part of the process, we’re taught on how it all links together, and each person in that process are all integral to getting great ideas out to people.

But what they also get is someone who’s always inspired, willing to learn and a fantastic team player. An AdGrad knows that great ideas can come from anywhere so they’ll be excited by the industry and the people around them – which makes an awesome person to work with.