Woolgather Art Vend

05 December - 21 December 2014

Woolgather would like to invite you to the opening of Woolgather’s Art Vend Exhibition on Friday 5th December.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­In April 2013 Woolgather launched their biggest project to date: WOOLGATHER'S ART VEND. Over the course of the last 18 months we have been commissioning artists (including Leeds College of Art students and alumni) to make artist multiples including sculpture, print, painting, drawing, film, performance and audio works, all small enough to fit into plastic capsules that have been distributed from vending machines to people across the country for £1 each. The array of work has been phenomenal and this will be your chance to see the whole collection in one place for the first (and possibly only) time.

Woolgather 1

The exhibition will feature an archive of works from all the artists involved as well as the launch of a shiny new book so you can paw over images of those works you've not yet collected.

Woolgather 2

The exhibition will open on Friday 5th December at 5pm and in true Woolgather style we will go late into the night with live Andean music and visuals from DJ Dorotop and Vend Karaoke hosted by artist Adam Young.

The exhibition will run unto Sunday 21st Dec, so plenty of time to stock up on stocking fillers!

Woolgather 3