The Process Continues (1)

22 April - 01 June 2016

The Hip Store presents the second of a new series of touring exhibitions from Leeds College of Art. Exhibits are selected from the 2015 collective of work from Leeds College of Art staff entitled The Process Continues.

The exhibition opens on Friday 22 April at The Hip Store in Leeds - all welcome! Then move on to the launch party at Headrow House from 9pm. Collect a voucher from The Hip Store to get your complimentary drink.

The first exhibition in 2015, held at the College celebrated the 30th anniversary of The National Arts Education Archive (NAEA), located at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Using NAEA materials, The Process Continues began with the story of Basic Design, a development largely founded in Leeds, which, from the 1950s onwards, revolutionised art teaching at national and international levels.

Hip process continues

Samples (2015 – 2016) by Amber Smith

Like the original Process Continues, this exhibition at the Hip Store is timely as 2016 marks the 170th anniversary of Leeds College of Art. On display are a selection of works by three current members of staff, which reveal some innovative ways in which to intervene with archives. Audiences are invited to consider the importance and use of specialist collections and archives to creative practices.

Today, students at Leeds College of Art are often encouraged to use archival materials as part of their creative process. Likewise, in menswear, designers of heritage brands repeatedly consult archives and collections to retain styles.

The Process Continues was inspired by a series of past exhibitions with connections to the College: The Developing Process (1959), A Continuing Process (1981) and Behind The Mosaic (2003) the latter being part of a series of events marking the centenary of Leeds College of Art at Vernon Street.  Therefore, following on from OUTSIDE Collett Dickenson Pearce, this second exhibition at the Hip Store offers another unique relation to art education in Leeds.

Exhibits include Mourning Handkerchief 9, 10 & 11 (2014) by Frances Ann Norton; Mistaken Identity (2015) by Janine Sykes and Samples (2015 – 2016) by Amber Smith.

  • 22 April - 01 June 2016
  • The Hip Store