Ralph Wallis: Is This Seat Taken? Curated by Bianca Wallis-Salmon

25 March - 20 April 2016

Guest-curator and alumna, Bianca Wallis-Salmon, has researched the life and work of her great-uncle, Ralph Wallis.

Ralph worked as a technician then Lecturer in Charge of Photography at Leeds College of Art in the early 60s, and set up darkrooms to provide photographic facilities for students. His photographs capture alumni of the College and West Yorkshire cityscapes of this period. Wallis now resides in Canada and has imparted his work to his great-niece Wallis-Salmon, who has used them to produce an autobiographical photobook which will be launched at the preview event. 

Preview: 5pm-7pm, Thursday 24 March

You can take a tour of our black-and-white photography darkrooms at Vernon Street – offered throughout the opening preview night only – all welcome!

Vernon Street Gallery is open Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm.

 Bianca Wallis Salmon

Image credit: Ralph Wallis, Headrow, Leeds, 1950s, 35mm film. Courtesy of Ralph Wallis and Bianca Wallis-Salmon