Meghan Jean - SOURCE

01 May - 22 May 2015

Meghan Jean is a visual artist living and working in Oakland, California. She is interested in the potential of painting to describe things that are in states of change or repetition, contrary to the material stasis of paint itself. 

Her subjects tend to be familiar scenes or ordinary objects caught in unusual visual circumstances, sometimes found and sometimes fabricated. Working across multiple sessions by direct and indirect methods of perception, Meghan utilises paint to articulate the changing light or shifting orientation of a subject as it naturally evolves or reoccurs.  Her persistent confrontation of the subject familiarises it to the point of abstraction, liberating it and allowing its rediscovery. This cyclical process affirms the quiet force of mysteries encountered in the everyday and the renewal of their experience. 

Meghan Jean

Meghan graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art.  Her work has been exhibited around the United States and her work is also held in various private and permanent collections around the country. 

SOURCE entails a series of large-scale works on paper that combine and address fragmented scenes from life and stream-of-conscious imagery. Though taking cues from the process of collage, these works make no use of appropriated visual ephemera.  Instead, all images are created – whether by drawing or painting – then dismantled and re-assembled by the artist. The resulting juxtapositions are surprising and sometimes odd, but reveal new meanings and ways of seeing through suggested narratives. In some respects an extension of the free-form methodology of sketchbooks, the large works on paper amplify a process that is typically small and intimate. It magnifies the personal, allowing the viewer to be confronted by the surface and scenes at a bold and unusual scale.

Images courtesy of Meghan Jean and Leeds College of Art.