Making...Making Research

16 November - 01 December 2017

Curated by Sarah Taylor

The work presented by the participating artists reveals that the ‘studio’ is and can be relocated to a site of research.

This exhibition proposes that the process of making art and doing research are inextricably linked and often include the passionate study of books, articles, artefacts and historical references.

The work in Making…Making Research points to somewhere beyond the visible or audible, to a site where ideas and artefacts may coexist, and allows us to consider what lies beyond the art work and our initial observations of it. Making…Making Research is then an exhibition in search of meaning that lies somewhere else…

Participating artists include: 

  • Paula Chambers
  • Kelly Cumberland
  • Sheila Gaffney
  • Lewis Paul & Sarah Taylor
  • Annabeth Robinson
  • David Steans

Opening night: Wednesday 15 November 5-7pm
Refreshments will be provided and everyone is welcome. Booking not required.

After the opening night, this exhibition will be able to view by appointment only. Please contact Catriona McAra, University Curator, to make an appointment at or 0113 202 8263.

Image: Colour Connection, NY, E, Burris-Meyer, L Paul, S Taylor, Digital Image, 2017.

  • 16 November - 01 December 2017
  • The Studio Theatre Gallery, Blenheim Walk, Leeds Arts University, LS2 9AQ (Get Directions)